Saturday, August 2, 2008

Retributioners Update!

Hi guys! Just wanted to make sure I gave you guys an update. Sorry we’ve been so out of touch these days! Been REALLY busy these past few weeks!

We are FINALLY shooting episode 7 tomorrow, on my birthday of all days! This is a GOOD thing, so I can forget about how old I am getting. We hope to edit it as quickly as possible and get it to you guys. This one is REALLY going to be different, and concerns a former one-night stand.

We actually held auditions last week for two roles. This was so hard to cast, as we met some really great actors! We are very happy to have two very talented, seasoned actors with us for this episode: Aaron Mathias and Keri Setaro.

It’s raining like cats and dogs here in the city! Must go.

Stay dry! – steph

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