Saturday, February 28, 2009

Episode 13 is finally here, as part of the big Watchmen campaign!!

It's finally here, and I am encouraging you to watch it and leave comments on the official website:

I also encourage you to watch me make a small appearance in the 2nd "Kyle Piccolo - Comic Shop Therapist" episode, which ties in my episode, and is a big part of The Watchmen campaign. In fact, his video has a ton of clickable fun stuff within the video!

To give a little background on this campaign involving "Kyle Piccolo" and three other web shows on Axis of Comedy (, here's an article describing the whole deal, and how all these web shows are working together. This page has links to all the other articles that were written about it as well:

It's a very exciting campaign that lasts until March 8th. Enjoy!


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