Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chris Henchy picked us on Funny or Die!

Just a few hours after we landed back in New York on Sunday (after a much-needed nap) Eric and I found out that "Entourage" producer and Will Ferrell pal Chris Henchy had picked "The Retributioners - Episode 4: Drunk Dial Party" as his favorite pick for the month on the "Funny Or Die" web site. Since then, our views on the site have zoomed! Here's Episode 4 again:

We've also been getting a great response as a result of going on iTunes in the last week. Our show is absolutely free to download into your iPod, and can be found here, if you have iTunes:

Finally, we've met some great folks at the festival who we'd like to mention. We saw their movies, and they are both great!

We met Glenn Gers, a successful Los Angeles screenwriter who made his directorial debut with his film, "Disfigured," a movie about women and weight:

We also met Robert Peters, an actor, director and writer. He made his feature directorial debut with his film, "Half-Empty." I highly recommend it, especially for you folks who love improvised dialog:

Continue to watch "The Retributioners," and spread the word!

Thank you!


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