Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yes! We’re on iTunes!

It's official, folks! We made it to iTunes! You can now download our show, and watch us on your iPod! Imagine running on the treadmill, and watching Juanita Crackwhore (from Episode 2). Here is the official iTunes link, which will take you to the iTunes store:

It's so cool! You can write a review of the show, and you can send it to your friends! If you don't have iTunes, the link might not work. Give it a try!

Up next…..I got to order those T-shirts I was talking about!

Oh yes! Almost forgot to mention that Eric and I will be going to Oklahoma this week for the 8th annual deadCenter Film Festival! Eric's film, "S&M Queen for a Day," made it as an official selection! If you never saw it, you can watch it here:

It has over 87,000 views on YouTube at this point (probably because it has the words 'S&M' in it). In any case, while we're in Oklahoma, we'll be promoting "The Retributioners."

Let me know how the iTunes thing works out! – steph

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