Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Retributioners - the webseries

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post on blogger. Decided to try it out. I have a blog on my MySpace page, which is

I've been working on this webseries called "The Retributioners." I produce it, and my husband directs it. We both do the editing, which is where we do most of our fighting.

It's about a vindictive woman who finds people from her past, and humiliates them. All the dialogue is improvised.

We have a channel on YouTube and Funny or Die. Here are the sites:

What I'm going to do is copy my blog from MySpace over to here and see what happens. Everyday is another adventure. I am so tired, I really don't know where or how I can get myself to write anything right now. The last 48 hours have been hell, between managing my day job, and editing the film.

We have two episodes up so far, and last night we posted "Episode 2: Juanita Crackwhore." Now, she's not really a crackwhore, it's just what I call her. A bully from my young years. Here's the link to Juanita:

Are these real stories? Sort of.....who hasn't had a 'crackwhore' character in their lives, you know? Or someone who dumps you. I think we all want to seek retribution on someone, right?

Actually Juanita was based on three young girls I went to grade school with. Juanita is a combination of the three of them.

Very nice to meet all of you! Love to meet some other filmmakers out there....

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