Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ah, the LA thing

Let me continue on this topic, as there was a lot I didn't explain. There are some things I can't get into detail about here, as they have to do with our current living situation. However, let me tell you this:

Over a year ago I went on a program where I stayed in LA for a week, met a ton of casting directors and agents, and made a whole bunch of actor friends who were all considering the move to LA. It was like an LA audition bootcamp, and we learned a lot about making a career in LA. Since that time, more than half of those friends made the move. I stay in close contact with a lot of them.

After that trip, I knew I wanted to be there! I came home ready to pack and move! Eric was not thrilled at all at the idea, being that living in NY was HIS dream. Instead of making the move right away, we decided to do things here in NY to PREPARE for an LA move. Eric was on board.

I wanted to build my film resume, and be eligible for SAG. Well, I did it! But THEN, The Retributioners happened! It was an idea that came out of nowhere, and we both had to produce this thing. Since July, all I've been doing is concentrating on making the webseries a reality.

Well, we did it! But ALL of my concentration these past few months has been on this show. I haven't even gone on any auditions in a long time. As a result, I haven't even been thinking about LA.....I guess I thought we'd think about it when the time comes.

The time came! We are now forced to think about it right now, because our apartment building was bought by a new landlord. And without going into the details, we need to THINK about it right now! Neither one of us was ready to think about it now, because we were both so absorbed in the show.

Yesterday, we decided to stay in NY. My gut feelings on the topic change from one minute to the next. If we don't leave now, we probably never will. If we do leave, all I have is a good network of friends out there. That's about it.

I REALLY don't want to move in the middle of making Retributioners.

Sorry this is so long. Thank you all for the kind words, advice, personal stories....in the end, this is not a life or death situation, just a confusing and draining situation concerning our careers.


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