Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American Idol - My Favorite Time of Year

So, we're still packing, getting ready for the big move. We're also getting ready to shoot "On a Very Special Retributioners...." so you guys don't have to wait TOO long to watch something while we're in the middle of moving.

However, it's my favorite time of year. American Idol has just aired the top 24 contestants!!!! Am I an Idol fan? Yes, but only for one reason.....and I think it's time you knew this about me........I'm a Worster!

That's right! I am a follower of Vote for the Worst (VFTW)! Been a fan since season 5. If you don't know what I am talking about, it's all about this genius website right here:

They are best known for sabotaging last year's show by encouraging their readers to vote for Sanjaya. Yes, I voted for Sanjaya until my fingers bled.

I am not trying to trash these kids' dreams. I am, however, a supporter of that website. People find it extremely mean spirited. It CAN be viewed that way. But for me, it's all about their blogs. It's far more than just a campaign to sabotage reality TV. The site is run by two extremely talented writers who each write a review of the episode right after it airs. They are both hysterical. They go by the names TheFunnyStone and Mr. Chan. The blogs also act as great 'Cliff Notes' to the show so you can get a really funny recap and not have to watch. But seriously, if you want the full VFTW experience, you need to watch the show, then read the website the next morning for the blogs. Or, you can read the comments on their forums. The VFTW fans create the funniest avatars I've ever seen.

So, I am very happy! I just watched the show, now I can sit back and enjoy reading my favorite blog!!!!

If you like MY show, then I can't imagine you not liking VFTW. Please do check them out. There is a lot to read on that site, so just take it in slowly.


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