Sunday, February 17, 2008

Did It - Episode 3!

I don't know how, in the middle of all this craziness, but we did it! We filmed a short Episode 3 today, all shot in my apartment. Yes, the very apartment I am about to leave. I am in the middle of editing it right now, with the hope the whole thing can be finished by tomorrow night. VERY wishful thinking.....but this is a very simple episode to edit.

It wasn't the original Episode 3 idea we had....we're going to have to push that to Episode 4, or even 5, as it's going to require a bit of more planning to shoot. However, I think #3 is really different and funny. We'll see what you think. I'm proud of it, considering the little time we had to actually do it.

One of my closest friends, Jessica Myhr, will be playing the part of Madison. Sorry I have no pics this time....we probably packed our camera for all we know! Don't mind the mess in our house......

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